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Carmelo Huerta’s Prime Tree Care professional teams have many years of experience working in the local tree services industry. We provide a broad range of services to our residential customers, businesses, homeowners’ associations and government organizations. Our services are available throughout the greater Bay Area including the East Bay, Santa Cruz and Monterey Counties.

We operate multiple teams, each has their own set of specialists and equipment. Our people are well trained in each of their skill areas and overall project safety procedures. We’re fully licensed and insured, available to handle emergency services as well as our daily scheduled work.

tree grooming

Tree Surgery

Our tree surgeons sculpt a tree to enhance it’s beauty and to remove dead or dangerous branches. In some cases where a tree is to be removed, the first steps involve the safe removal of the upper portions.

brush/fire clearing

Brush and Fire Clearing

Uncontrolled brush and undergrowth pose a fire threat to life and property throughout California. Our crews clear areas to mitigate these dangers, creating aesthetically pleasing landscapes. Brush, downed trees and limbs are chipped and spread as mulch or hauled away.

stump removal

Stump Removal

Stumps aren’t pretty; attract insects; can be a tripping hazard; and take space in your yard. Let us remove them without disturbing the surrounding area. Removal can be part of a tree removal project or we can remove stumps that have been a nuisance for awhile.

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